Associate Research Directors FMSH

Second call 2017
Created in 1975 upon the initiative of Fernand Braudel, in collaboration with the French Secretary of State for Universities, Department for Higher Education and Research, the DEA Programme (Directeurs d’Études Associés, or Associate Research Directors) is the oldest international mobility programme at Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (FMSH). It provides funding to invite international scientific experts from across the globe for one month to six weeks and enables them to carry out work in France (field enquiries, library work and archives).

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Marcos Napolitano

Member of the editorial board

Professor em História Social
Faculdade de Filosofia, Letras e Ciências Humanas
Universidade de São Paulo

Themes and sections you are responsible for in Transatlantic Cultures : Music Section

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Doutor (1999) e mestre (1994) em História Social pela Universidade de São Paulo, onde também graduou-se em História (1985). Foi professor no Departamento de História da Universidade Federal do Paraná (Curitiba), entre 1994 e 2004,e professor visitante do Instituto de Altos Estudos da América Latina (IHEAL) da Universidade de Paris III (2009). Atualmente, é professor de História do Brasil Independente e docente-orientador no Programa de História Social da USP. É assessor ad-hoc da Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo e do CNPq. Especialista no período do Brasil Republicano, com ênfase no regime militar, e na área de história da cultura, com ênfase nas relações entre históira e música popular e história e cinema. Também possui experiência na formação de professores do ensino básico, com foco no uso do audiovisual na escola. (Texto informado pelo autor)

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Transatlantic Cultures

Cultural Histories of the Atlantic World 18th – 21st Centuries

This international collaborative research project is led by a Franco-Brazilian team of scholars in the humanities, social sciences, arts and literature. Its purpose is to produce a Digital Platform for Transatlantic Cultural History, i.e. a digital online encyclopaedia edited in four languages (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese) whose aim is to analyze the cultural dynamics of the Atlantic Area and its central role in the contemporary process of globalization.

The team intends to produce an interconnected history of the contemporary Atlantic Area using the new possibilities offered by the digital support. Led by French and Brazilian teams, in partnership with the University of California-Berkeley, this project will bring together a vast network of researchers in order to analyze the cultural relations between Europe, Africa and the Americas in an interdisciplinary perspective associating historians, anthropologists, sociologists, political scientists, specialists of literature, visual arts, theatre and cinema. Reflecting the most recent research and debates, the project engages the question of transatlantic circulations and cultural globalization as well as the process of identification and the role of borders –political, linguistic, cultural, symbolic– which contributed to the creation and the reshaping of major cultural areas since the 18th century.

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