Atlantic World Forum Kickoff Symposium

Intercultural Scholarly Dialogues About Atlantic World Cultural Histories

Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs, Robert A. Jones ’59 House/Davis Library 105B
Middlebury College
Tuesday-Wednesday, October 16-17, 2018

Atlantic World Forum Kickoff Symposium Website


Guest Scholars:
Gabriela Pellegrino Soares (University of São Paulo; lead editor, Transatlantic Cultures)
Marcos Napolitano (University of São Paulo; editorial board, Transatlantic Cultures)
Anaïs Fléchet (University of Versailles; lead editor, Transatlantic Cultures)
Jean-Sébastien Noel (University of La Rochelle; editorial board, Transatlantic Cultures)
Didier Aubert (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3; editorial board, Transatlantic Cultures)
Richard Cándida Smith (University of California, Berkeley; editorial board, Transatlantic Cultures)
Michele Greet (George Mason University)
At Middlebury College (presenters and invited attendees):
William B. Hart, History
Michael J. Sheridan, Anthropology
Dan Brayton, English and American Literatures/Environmental Studies Program
Daniel Silva, Portuguese
Gloria Estela González Zenteno, Spanish
Linsey Sainte-Claire, French
Fernando Rocha, Portuguese
Paul Monod, History
Joyce Mao, History
Justin Doran, Religion
Jeff Cason, Political Science
Max Troyer, Translation and Localization Management, MIIS
Netta Avineri, TESOL/TFL, Intercultural Rhetoric, Intercultural Digital Storytelling, MIIS
Michael J. Kramer, DLA, organizer
Additional invited participants will be listed on website.

Program Schedule

Tuesday, Oct 16, 4:30-7pm, Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs, Robert A. Jones ’59 House, 148 Hillcrest Road

4:30-6 pm Opening Discussion: Reconceptualizing Cultural Histories of the Atlantic World, Digitally and Interculturally

Our opening discussion focuses on conceptual approaches to the Atlantic World itself, including comparisons of the rich range of literatures on the transatlantic, circum-Atlantic, cis-Atlantic, and trans-oceanic; on the diasporic; on the Black Atlantic; on the Lusophone, Hispanophone, Francophone, or Anglophone worlds; on imperialism, colonialism, postcolonialism, and acts of decolonizing; on material culture, symbolic exchange, linguistic approaches, environmental studies, and the history of capitalism; and on the Global South in relation to the Atlantic World.

Readings (available on the symposium website, password circulations):

• Lara Putnam, “To Study the Fragments/Whole: Microhistory and the Atlantic World,” Journal of Social History 39, 3 [Special Issue on the Future of Social History] (Spring 2006), 615-630
• Lara Putnam, “The Transnational and the Text-Searchable: Digitized Sources and the Shadows They Cast,” American Historical Review 121, 2 (April 2016), 377–402
• Paul Gilroy, ” The Black Atlantic as a Counterculture of Modernity,” The Black Atlantic: Modernity and Double-Consciousness (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1993), 1-40
• Laurent Dubois and Julius S. Scott, “Introduction,” in Origins of the Black Atlantic, eds. Laurent Dubois and Julius S. Scott (New York: Routledge, 2009), 1-6
• Charles Piot, “Atlantic Aporias: Africa and Gilroy’s Black Atlantic,” South Atlantic Quarterly 100, 1 (2001): 155-170
• Brent Hayes Edwards, “The Uses of Diaspora,” Social Text19, 1 (2001), 45-73
• Walter D. Mignolo, “The Geopolitics of Knowledge and the Colonial Difference,” South Atlantic Quarterly 101, 1 (2002): 57-96
• Brooke Blower, “New York City’s Spanish Shipping Agents and the Practice of State Power in the
Atlantic Borderlands of World War II,” American Historical Review 119, 1 (February 2014), 111–141

6:15-7pm Reception and informal Discussions

7:30pm Dinner, Two Brothers Tavern (86 Main Street, Middlebury), for visiting scholars and guests

Wednesday, October 17

Part 1 of 2: noon-4pm, 105b Davis Family Library

12-1:15 pm Keynote: William B. Hart (lunch served)

1:30-245 pm Intercultural Exchange in Pan-American and Atlantic Worlds

Brief presentations, followed by discussion.
• Richard Candida Smith
• Michele Greet
• Gabriela Pellegrino Soares
• Didier Aubert
• Daniel Silva

3-4 pm Environmental Humanities & Ecocritical Approaches to the Atlantic World

Brief presentations, followed by discussion.
• Michael Sheridan
• Dan Brayton

Part 2 of 2: 4:30-9:30, Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs, Robert A. Jones ’59 House, 148 Hillcrest Road

4:45-5:45 Music in Transatlantic Circulations

Brief presentations, followed by discussion.
• Marcos Napolitano
• Anaïs Fléchet
• Jean-Sébastien Noel
• Michael J. Kramer

6:15-7:45 pm Buffet Dinner and Informal Conversations

8-9:30 pm Closing Discussion: Reconceptualizing Cultural Histories of the Atlantic World, Digitally and Interculturally – Involving Students, Reaching Out to New Publics

• How do we contribute new frameworks and conceptual approaches to Atlantic World, trans-oceanic, transnational, and global history?
• Who are the audiences for this project? How might we be thoughtful about its dissemination (not just the most fancy Western digital platforms, but also access through global digital distribution channels such as mobile phones, El Paquete Semanal in Cuba, etc.; working with translation expertise and technical advice from Globe Multilingual Services, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey?
• How do we contribute new findings for global digital humanities? Digital innovations for global scholarly collaboration? How do we draw on existing platforms and tools but address the particular needs of scholarly collaboration as compared to digital technologies mostly developed with other purposes in mind? How can units of Middlebury such as DLINQ and the library contribute to this? Are there other partners we might work with to help conceptualize and advance this project forward?
• In addition to the core proposed seminar at Middlebury taught by Michael Kramer, how might students both at and beyond Middlebury participate in the project in rewarding ways? How, for instance, might students at Middlebury Schools Abroad, Middlebury Institute for International Studies at Monterey, and partner institutions participate? How do we best make AWF materials available for use in classrooms, perhaps by packaging both primary sources and scholarly interpretations and debates as one forum for classroom use (Open access? Paid subscriptions? Lever Press?)
• How do we handle intellectual property concerns with primary source material used in forums or with the essays and ancillary materials generated by the project itself, whether by participating scholars or students or other contributors?
• Digital preservation and sustainability issues?

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